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Convoys roam the remains of the earth in search of Crystals and face grave dangers to mine them, ColonieZ are rated according to the difficulty of extracting rejuvenating crystal and the zombies defending the ColonieZ, the most dangerous ColonieZ are the ones with the most Crystals on them.

There are 12 ColonieZ at the moment, your Miners and Soldiers travel to and from these ColonieZ depending on the Mining Power and Attacking Power of the colony and the Mining power and Attacking Power provided by the Miners and Soldiers within your convoy.

In order to protect your people, the colony (you) allows them to raid only the ColonieZ that their Mining Power and Attacking Power allow them, that is, if you have a convoy composed of Miners and Soldiers with a total amount of Mining power of 500 and Attacking power of 500, you could go to the third colony which holds 500 Mining power and 500 Defense power. Players cannot attack higher/lower ColonieZ unless they match the Mining power, Attacking Power of that colony.